Your Executive Master in Global Supply Chain Management at IML/EPFL

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Our Executive MAS in Global Supply Chain has 4 transversal focus areas:

EPFL DNA combined with the IML LEGACY

IML (International Institute for the Management of Logistics) was created in Lausanne in 1990 and in Paris in 1995 as a partnership between the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the École des Ponts ParisTech, the group AFTRAL, and a large number of industrial and service companies.

The Executive Master is awarded by EPFL, one of World's most prestigious Universities, renowned for its Technology Innovation and Research & Development. It provides all participants with the know-how and the competence necessary for the planning and implementation of Supply Chain projects at the strategic, as well as the operational levels.

IML is based at the College of Management of Technology and is trusted and highly regarded by Industry in Switzerland, France and Internationally. IML wishes to continue to be the preferred educational partner for Global Supply Chain Excellence.

Manage Supply Chain Responsibly

Executive Master in Global Supply Chain Management 2021

The value of the EPFL IML experience is far greater than a cumulative learning of online modules: you study in an ultimate learning environment, exchange ideas with Lecturers; Professors from our colleges, partner colleges and leading-edge industry practitioners and gain a unique professional network.

Did you know? EPFL is ranked world #2 in the 2019 Young University Rankings

Join the EPFL/IML Program 2022

EPFL + IML Partners = an unrivalled education program in both Technical & Business Leadership in Global Supply Chain Management

OK I am very interested, but am I eligible for the EPFL-IML program?

Our IML program is intended for experienced professionals with an international background and a recognized University degree, for example, in Business, Engineering, Law Humanities, Basic or Life Sciences.

A minimum of 5 years work experience is required.
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In your organization, you observe the profound changes that are taking place in the supply chain
You see many jobs disappearing, but also many new jobs being created. And you are right to see it as an opportunity: the supply chain is where it’s all happening right now and is an exciting place to be!

Growth, Innovation and Sustainability goals will concretely be met by the people in the diverse spectrum of roles along the complete Supply Chain, now often referred to as The Value Network

But you are wondering what key role would you play in Enterprise 4.0 and which skills and what training would be required to take it on? How can you position yourself to make a positive difference for our planet and its people?

You can now take part in this change and be a fully-fledged actor in it as the entire value and distribution chain is being completely redesigned and digitized
Be part of the leadership and the execution of this profound progressive movement!

Does this inspire you?

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3 seats left for August 2020 intake


Teachers & Practitioners 


nationalities represented in 2019


Alumni in the 5 continents


Female participants

Philippe Wieser

Applications for January 2022 are now filling up!

Your Master in Supply Chain at a glance:

Duration: 15 months

Credits: 90 ECTS

Every second weekend and 3 full weeks = 34 workdays

Located on EPFL campus Lausanne

Price: 26'900 CHF

Copyright EPFL IML 2021

But what is this Master exactly preparing you for?

  • Explore Supply Chain 4.0: exploit Big Data, AI and the Internet of Things and harness supplier innovation
  • Gain the know-how, the competence and confidence necessary to manage the supply chain effectively from a strategic, tactical and operational perspective
  • Help your company meet Growth, Innovation and Sustainability goals
  • Ensure successful sustainable design of future Supply Chain initiatives
  • Gather the knowledge of technologies that can provide solutions and control in the value chain 
  • Master modeling, simulation and optimisation methods
  • Address the "direct to consumers" evolution of supply chain design

The International Institute for the Management of Logistics and Supply Chain





Understand the key concepts of Supply Chain and Supply Chain Strategy and its premier role in the future of Business, Society and our Environment

Be equipped with all the tools to design, analyse, measure, improve and control Supply Chain 4.0

Prepare for the impact
of megatrends, exploit big data and the internet of things & harness supplier innovation

Understand the financial business, the risks, the key trade-offs and how to be a responsible leader of change

Global Supply Chain Management

Ethical decision Making & Sustainabilty

Operations, Transport & Distribution

Risk Management, Quality & Compliance

Design Think

Supply & Operations Planning

Design Thinking & Lean Management

Decision Support & Optimisation

Digitise & Innovate

Digitalisation & Supply Chain 4.0

Information Systems & Big Data

Procurement Management & Innovation

Lead Sustainable Change

Finance Fundamentals

Business Strategy & Marketing

Organisational Behaviour & Change Leadership

Implement Learnings to Create immediate value for the Entreprise

Innovation in Supply Chain Project

Greenbelt Certification

Thesis is carried out at current place of work with classroom presence every second weekend and remote learning every other weekend.

OPTION 1 dedicated to
students coming from Switzerland or EU

One year full-time program including academic theory and an internship.

OPTION 2 dedicated to
students coming from other places

Discover the MAS in Global Supply Chain - Curriculum 2022

Our courses are conceived for young and older experienced professionals who wish to gain specialist knowledge and skills in Global Supply Chain Management. As well as offering short advanced certificate courses, IML also works with industry and organisations on collaborative projects, matching enterprise educational needs with the latest innovation & research resources.

Our IML team is happy to advise you on the best options for your career in supply chain management. Do not hesitate to ask us for it!

Elaine Moran

Cristina Martinucci

Cristiane Wahl

"The shaping of the Future of Industry depends on how the Supply Chain is designed to execute the customer promise." — Elaine Moran, IML Executive Director

Let's build a better future, together!..

A Master's designed for Executives who want to drive change within the Supply Chain